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Doug Blumer and the Bohemian Highway
Doug Blumer and the Bohemian Highway,

Sweet as a springtime breeze through the apple blossoms of West County, this lounge-country confection features the 80-grit croon of bandleader Blumer, backed by honky-tonk angel harmonies from music- and life-partner Nancy Blumer and drummer Jane Fossgreen. Completing the romantic double-double is Jane's own partner Kent Fossgreen on bass. Featuring the first recorded version of the Hoedown's theme song, "The Party's At Our House Again."

Particular favorites: The New Birthday Song, Dreaming of Spring.

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As the date shows, it took awhile for us to recover. The Hoedown was a beautiful thing, full of joy and love. We are so grateful to the artists and volunteers - they're listed by name on the right - and thanks to everyone who came and brought their good vibes.

If you have pics or videos, let us know and we'll make sure to get them up on the site or the Facebook page.

Coming? Read This

Advance Tix / Early Arrival Recommended

Advance Tix Recommended

There's a decent chance we could fill up, so if you want to make sure you've got a place, we recommend buying tickets in advance at here. We stop selling advance tickets at 11am - if you haven't got yours by then, we recommend arriving before 2pm to ensure a spot.

  • Food and Beverages:
    • Water will be plentiful and free. Please bring your own water bottle or cup.
    • We'll serve beer to non-drunk over-21s.
    • You are welcome to bring your own food and drink (no potluck). If you do, please bring your own cups, dishes, and utensils. We'll have a rinsing station.
    • Or, you can buy food and non-alcoholic drinks at El Coyote Taco Truck
  • Also bring:
    • Low-backed chairs and blankets
    • Sunscreen and sun hat
    • Musical instruments
    • Cash for donations and artist merch.
    • Swimsuit and towel for the kiddie (for the kiddie pool).
    • Warm clothes for the evening.
  • Parking: we have plenty of off-street parking. Please do not park on Lawndale Rd.
  • Dogs: despite our unabashed affection for dogs, please don't bring your dog. We've tried it before, and it was not so good.
  • Camping: We have lots of space for camping. Expect song circles to last into the night.

Thanks to the Artists!

Doug Blumer & Bohemian Highway
Festival of Friends
Megan McLaughlin
The David Thom Band
Kevin Russell and His So-Called Friends
Solid Air
The Crux
Dale Henry Geist & The Strays
Tamara Phelan
The Clementi Boys
Mark and Cindy Lemaire
Jack Hines
Lindalou & Michael
Joel Kolatch
Carb & Swarthy

Thanks to the 2014 Crew!

Let's hear it for:

  • Alan Morrell
  • Tracy Hatch
  • Ben Hinerfeld
  • David Hoffman
  • Scott Hales
  • David Hoffman
  • Kathy Benstock
  • Scott Benstock
  • Becky Traum
  • David Thom
  • Andy Shaw
  • Anita Sandwina
  • Josh Windmiller
  • Steve Wilkinson
  • Pat Irish
  • Nancy Irish
  • Devorah Levy
  • Ben C.
  • Nico Glasbrener
  • Ben Glasbrener
  • Carla Glasbrener
  • Dave Stroud
  • Dave Champine
  • Shelley Champine
  • Mark Lemaire
  • Lindalou & Michael Ryge
  • Ben Saari
  • Joshua Polston
  • Molly Jackel
  • Eric Moes
  • Anyone we forgot - contact us, we'll add you.

Official Anthem

When we heard Doug Blumer play "The Party's At Our House Again" on that makeshift stage at the first Dog Days Fest, we decided then and there to adopt it as our official anthem. Here's Doug playing it at the 2010 Fest.

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