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Doug Blumer and the Bohemian Highway
Doug Blumer and the Bohemian Highway,

Sweet as a springtime breeze through the apple blossoms of West County, this lounge-country confection features the 80-grit croon of bandleader Blumer, backed by honky-tonk angel harmonies from music- and life-partner Nancy Blumer and drummer Jane Fossgreen. Completing the romantic double-double is Jane's own partner Kent Fossgreen on bass. Featuring the first recorded version of the Hoedown's theme song, "The Party's At Our House Again."

Particular favorites: The New Birthday Song, Dreaming of Spring.

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Coming? Read This

Advance Tix / Early Arrival Recommended

Advance Tix Recommended

There's a decent chance we could fill up, so if you want to make sure you've got a place, we recommend buying tickets in advance at here. We stop selling advance tickets at 11am - if you haven't got yours by then, we recommend arriving before 2pm to ensure a spot.

  • Food and Beverages:
    • Water will be plentiful and free. Please bring your own water bottle or cup.
    • We'll serve beer to non-drunk over-21s.
    • You are welcome to bring your own food and drink (no potluck). If you do, please bring your own cups, dishes, and utensils. We'll have a rinsing station.
    • Or, you can buy food and non-alcoholic drinks at El Coyote Taco Truck
  • Also bring:
    • Low-backed chairs and blankets
    • Sunscreen and sun hat
    • Musical instruments
    • Cash for donations and artist merch.
    • Swimsuit and towel for the kiddie (for the kiddie pool).
    • Warm clothes for the evening.
  • Parking: we have plenty of off-street parking. Please do not park on Lawndale Rd.
  • Dogs: despite our unabashed affection for dogs, please don't bring your dog. We've tried it before, and it was not so good.
  • Camping: We have lots of space for camping. Expect song circles to last into the night.

Tickets Going Fast

Solid Air Joins the Lineup

Comet Corn Comin'



The Ranchito doesn't fit a big crowd, and tickets are selling like Comet Corn (see below). To make sure you've got a spot at the Hoedown, buy your tickets now.


Sadly, Johnny Harper & Carnival won't be playing the Hoedown. Happily, Solid Air will! After a few years away, we welcome their gorgeous original Americana and folk-rock concoctions back to the Ranchito.


You may have been lucky enough to taste this fantastic stuff at one of the many music festivals where they sell it from their booth. Well, our friends at Comet Corn are gracing us with their unique treats!


We still have volunteer opportunities available. Free admission, free beer - and the satisfaction of putting on a great show. Contact us if you want to be part of the team.

Tickets Now on Sale

Donkey Stage Schedule Announced

Volunteer Opps Available

Benefitting KWTF

Goat Stage Slots Available


Tickets are now on sale! The Hoedown is literally in our backyard, so space is, ahem, limited. We expect to sell out, so make sure to save yourself a spot by buying your tickets right here, right now. Before you forget. I know how you forget these things.


If you don't want to park yourself the whole time, here's who's playing when (subject to change, of course):


We still have volunteer opportunities available. Free admission, free beer - and the satisfaction of putting on a great show. Contact us if you want to be part of the team.


Want to play the Hoedown? There are still a few spaces left on the Goat Stage. Free admission, free beer, and a tip jar. Contact us.


"...the people's radio station for Sonoma County." KWTF aims to give voice to the voiceless; they’ve just started broadcasting from a new studio and have big plans for the future.

Adios, Cur-ville, Bienvenidos Rockin' Heart Hoedown

Plus: The Lineup!

We finally gave up trying to explain the well-hidden pun in the festival's name when we noticed that nobody was laughing. (At least not with us.) So we're adopting a new moniker, more descriptive of the place and the event: what used to be the Cur-ville Dog Days Fest is now the Rockin' Heart Hoedown!*

This is part of our effort to spread the good word. After last year's fest, we realized that you can go too far with keeping things intimate - and you can go broke too fast. We need to get just a few more friends and neighbors over here this year if we want to keep this thing rollin' (and we do.)

You can help - it's easy. First, put it in your calendar and fer godsakes show up with your family and friends; second, take a minute to forward this email to one or two people you think would dig the scene. (If you want to do more, contact us - you could earn yourself a free ticket and our sincere gratitude.)

The Lineup!

Holy smokes, it just gets better every year. Check it out:

*Graphics and new website to come. You get a few more weeks to say your goodbyes to the old familiar stuff.

Lineup: Donkey Stage

12:00 Gates Open
1:00 Dale Henry Geist & The Strays
2:00 Megan McLaughlin
3:00 Festival of Friends
4:00 The David Thom Band
5:00 Kevin Russell and Friends
6:00 Doug Blumer & The Bohemian Highway
7:00 Solid Air
8:00 The Crux

Schedule subject to change without notice. What can we say? Stuff happens.

The Deets

  • Saturday, August 16, 1pm-9pm
  • Rockin' Heart Ranchito, 361 Lawndale Rd., Kenwood - MAP -
  • Admission: $20, kids under 12 free
  • Eight Featured Bands, as seen above
  • Lagunitas on tap
  • El Coyote Taco Truck
  • Kids' Area
  • More music at the Goat Stage
  • Free camping, blueberry pancakes Sunday morning
  • Epic aftershow jams
  • Animals! Donkeys, horses, chickens, geese, and a goat.
  • Food, Drink, Friends, and Sunshine
  • Facebook event, Local Music Vibe event

Lineup: Goat Stage

1:00 Tamara Phelan
1:45 The Clementi Boys
2:30 Mark and Cindy Lemaire
3:15 Jack Hines
4:00 Lindalou & Michael
4:45 Joel Kolatch
5:30 Carb & Swarthy

Help Wanted!

Camaraderie, war stories, tasty beverages - and the satisfaction of putting on a great show. Let us know if you want to be part of the team.

Official Anthem

When we heard Doug Blumer play "The Party's At Our House Again" on that makeshift stage at the first Dog Days Fest, we decided then and there to adopt it as our official anthem. Here's Doug playing it at the 2010 Fest.

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